Biloxi Housing Authority Promotes Affordable Homes

The Biloxi Housing Authority is working on several projects to provide affordable housing in East Biloxi.

The Housing Authority hosted a forum with community leaders Thursday to update them on future plans.

A development called "Hope Six" is the largest such project. It involves replacing the old Bayou Auguste and Bayview Homes with single family housing.

The project will also include replacing dozens of other rundown houses in that neighborhood.

Director Edward Jagnandan says the authority is also working to widen the scope of the project plans.

"There are 87 homes around the site we are trying to buy," Jagnandan says. "They are drug homes, they are vacant homes, they are homes that are rundown. And we need to take those out and rebuild in that area. So, we are revamping the entire area. Not only the Bayou Auguste, Bayview, but we are trying to do a holistic approach."

The Biloxi Housing Authority received a $35 million grant from HUD to pay for the "Hope Six" development.