Biloxi land swap put on hold

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi City Council met Tuesday to discuss an agenda-full of city issues. However, there was one item on the agenda that didn't get any attention: a land swap.

The proposed trade was originally an effort to further revitalize downtown Biloxi.

The city had planned to swap land with the Copeland estate. Original plans gave Copeland land currently being used as a public parking lot on Reynoir Street, right in front of the old Catholic Diocese building, and directly across from Waffle House. That would have given the Copeland group control of land from the foot of Highway 90, where the old Bombay Bicycle Club once operated, to the old Diocese building.

In exchange, Copeland would give the city land beside the Mardi Gras Museum, an additional property on Jackson Street, and $137,000.

The area is in Biloxi's second ward. Ward 2 Councilman Felix Gines said plans have come to a halt.

"We decided not to go ahead and go through with it because we needed more information," said Gines.

The property is adjacent to residences, and the Copeland estate is now worried that the tenants will lose space.

"Apparently there are parking issues going on... Some of the residents became very concerned about it, so we wanted to look at it a little bit more," said Gines.

The council decided to take the issue off the table until more investigating can be done. But Gines said the investigation should be swift.

"I'm giving it a week, maybe two weeks at the most, and we should come up with some kind of sufficient answer," said Gines.

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an additional property on Jackson Street, and $137,000.