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Myra Lewis' grandmother talks about the case

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The woman whose daughter has been missing for more than three weeks will remain in jail for now.

Ericka Lewis's probation revocation hearing was delayed until May 19th.

The reason? The original sentencing judge could reportedly not there for a scheduled hearing today.

District Attorney Michael Guest tells us Ericka has three violations of probation pending. 

1) Felon in possession of a firearm 
2) failure to pay court costs
3) failure to pay supervision fees.  

Guest said, "This will give the Madison county grand jury the opportunity to review the facts of the firearm that was located and determine whether or not they intend to return an indictment on this case."

The District Attorney also tells us his office had nothing to do with the removal of the other Lewis children from the home. He says that was DHS.

Since Myra disappeared on March 1, the Sheriff's office and FBI have put hundreds of hours into chasing leads, with assistance from the local District Attorney's office.

We also learned this morning her husband, Gregory Lewis, says he didn't even know that his wife had been convicted of food stamp fraud.

He tells us that there are many things he wasn't aware of, saying he works long hours.

Myra Lewis' Grandmother told us she believes Myra was abducted.

Antoinette Lewis told our reporter, "Whoever got her, just send her back home.  I love her."

Lewis says she lives next door to Myra's parents, and that her granddaughter would often walk next door to visit, despite only being 2 years old.

"Myra was a good child.  She was very obedient.  She was smart.  She's 2 but she has the mind of a 3 or 4 year old."

For now, Ericka Lewis is being held behind bars and without bond.

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