New ticket device helps Moss Point Police keep roads safe

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point police officers are using new technology for issuing traffic tickets. Wednesday, the department received training on the new devices that will allow them to issue traffic citations more efficiently.

The electronic ticket writer allows officers to be more productive when it comes to traffic enforcement. Chief Keith Davis and his team say having the new technology is very exciting.

"It basically speeds up the process for our motorist when they are unfortunately stopped by a law enforcement officer for traffic violations," Chief Davis said.

The device allows officers to issue multiple citations quickly, rather than having to hand write them all.

Officer Anthony Brachear works for the Moss Point Police Department and has been using the new ticket writing device for a day now. He said it makes his job a lot easier.

"It's a lot faster. The first citation is going to take about the same amount of time if you have to add in the vehicle information or if they don't have their drivers license on them, then you have to put the information in by hand. After that, if you're entering a second ticket, it's going to cut down on everything because everything is going to carry forward on the citation," Brachear said.

The system isn't just convenient for officers. The courts will benefit, as well, since the new technology reduces the chance of clerical errors.

"It's going to streamline everything. There's not going to be anymore stuff not being able to be read because of handwriting. Everything is going to go straight in the system and be kept on a server," Brachear said.

Although the new ticket device allows and encourages officers to do more traffic enforcement, Chief Davis said it's really all about the safety of motorists.

"This is not about us writing a bunch of tickets, of course. But it is about increasing our productivity. It's about saving lives. It's about slowing people down and them recognizing we're out there to protect them and others," Chief Davis said.

The chief said the new devices come at no cost to taxpayers. They were paid for with a grant from the Department of Justice and money from the Drug Forfeiture Fund.

Chief Davis said he does anticipate more tickets, but this new technology is not about generating revenue. It's about getting people to improve driving habits. He said officers will still issue warning citations.

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