Republican Challenger Knows He Has Tough Battle Ahead

The man challenging Gene Taylor on Tuesday, Republican Mike Lott, says he understands the challenge to unseat a 15 year incumbent.

But the former school teacher and current state house member says he plans to use every ounce of energy to do just that.

"It's not over till it's over and we're not going to treat the race finished till election night," said Lott.

During the final hours of election 2004 Petal native Mike Lott plans to spend every minute doing what he's done throughout this long campaign.

"Starting about 6 o'clock in the morning, we're going to try to be in as many Counties as we can on Monday and Tuesday. We're going to continue to see people and give them our message that I really want to be their congressman. I think I can do an excellent job and represent them extremely well," Lott says.

He says he'll do all those things by maintaining the loyal republican philosophy of lowing taxes and encouraging economic growth.

But while he strongly endorses George W. Bush and his agenda he won't, as some critics claim, do so at the expense of South Mississippi.

"Are there issues that perhaps the President might submit that I might not agree with? I'm sure there will be. You know I'm going to represent the people of the district," said Lott.

In fact that's one of the many ways Lott says he and his opponent Gene Taylor are similar.

The biggest difference he says is his public endorsement Bush.

"People have asked me, who you gonna vote for. And it's important to them because I think they want to know whoever they choose for president, that their congressman will get in there and support that person as much as possible," he says.

Lott says with the people's support on Tuesday he'll do just that.

"I want to represent the people of South Mississippi with dignity, with respect, and I see my self also as their ambassador," said Lott.