Bay St. Louis students strut for 4th annual Trash Bash fashion show

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - It's a challenge straight out of a Project Runway episode: Create high fashion out of lowly trash. And for the fourth year in a row, students wowed the crowd with their recycled rags at the No Trash Bash Fashion Show.

They strutted their outfits made of paper, coffee bags, and even bath sponges and hoped to wow the panel of judges.

Chelsea Passantino dances with the Bay High Steppers. She's participated in the fashion show since it started, and said it gets better every year.

"Every year you see new and more improved dresses and everyone's getting way more creative," she said.

And every year she says the competition between designers gets bigger.

"It's an intense competition when you get here. Everyone's rushing and it's really fun to do, and you really learn about recycling and what can be recycled."

"It's definitely competitive. Our dance team, we split off into classes and compete, and we get competitive with each other and we hide each other's dresses," Rosie Garland said.

Chelsea and Rosie have spent four consecutive years dancing and designing for the fashion show. They, along with her dance team, love every bit of it.

"It's great to entertain, as well as to show the community how recycling can be fun and how it's not that bad," Passantino said.

"There's definitely a lot more than you can recycle. It's really fun and interesting to see what people have," Garland said.

With all of the fun and creative designs, Bay St. Louis Beautification Administrator Katie Stewart loves seeing each year's turnouts and how it impacts the small community in a big way.

"We are very excited because the turnout always increases and we can definitely see the difference in our small town," she said.

All proceeds from the recycled fashion show goes toward the beautification project for the city.

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