Trick-Or-Treaters Prowl For Costumes

Josette's was one of the hottest places to be Saturday afternoon.

"This is the biggest Halloween crowd we've ever had. If it got any better I couldn't stand it. It's been great. Been having five days of this. Yeah. I would have never thought it. I figured people were so involved in politics and all this other stuff, they really wouldn't be getting into Halloween but they're in it," said owner Josette Locklar.

Indeed they are, and anything goes this year.

"I'm shopping for a costume for my aunt's Halloween party and I'm gonna be a Scottish chick I think," said Crystal Brown.

Scottish chick, Spiderman, and one of the most popular types of attire sweeping the nation - the attire of a pimp.

As I said before, anything goes.

"Women, sexy. Children, superhero. Men, comfortable. That's about it. A lot of men are running at the last minute because they know they have to go to a party and they haven't done a thing about it and now they're gonna grab a mask and a hooded cloak and go out the door," said Locklar.

Which lead us to Paul Brandon, who was trying to find something to wear to a friend's party.

"What are you looking for today? Well, I don't know. there is a lot to look for in here. It's a big decision you know. Maybe a cop or something," said Brandon.

He decided to go with something simple - a monk.

But no matter how you decide to celebrate Halloween, the general consensus around here is to celebrate it with spook-tacular fun.

Happy Halloween everybody!