Jackson County supervisors work to alleviate flooding woes

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Poor drainage in one Jackson County subdivision could soon be fixed if the county can meet the deadline to apply for the money. Jackson County officials have until May to fulfill all the requirements for a Natural Resource Conservation Service grant to help hundreds of residents in Gulf Park Estates.

For more than a decade, Myra Oden has lived in Gulf Park Estates and said soon after moving there, she began dealing with drainage woes.

"The drainage is very bad. The water builds up and where I live, the water is backing up into my property. It is dangerous because of the snakes are bad and we have had alligators," said Oden.

John McKay represents that area located on the south side of Jackson County. He has also heard a lot of complaints about the poor drainage.

"Obviously the problems are flooding, and whenever it gets in the roadways, it causes potholes. Whenever it gets in people's yards, it is eroding their yards away," McKay said.

McKay said the major issue is several of the drains in the subdivision are clogged. You can clearly see the problems near Oden's home.

"You see the trees across the drainage way and all the limbs in there. You can see all the areas that have built up with the siltation," McKay said.

The county wants to use Natural Resource Conservation Service funding to clean out at least four major drainage ways and ditches in Gulf Park Estates.

"The water will flow more freely. That way we can get it all the way to the bayou. The water will be able to get out here a lot faster," said McKay.

He said before any cleaning can begin, NRCS wants the county to obtain temporary easements from 50 to 70 property owners. The county has 60 days to get those signatures.

"We will be knocking on their doors. We will be sending letters out real soon. Most of these drainage ways are owned by somebody, so we have to figure out who it is, contact them, get them to give us a right of entry. That way we can get in here and clean these things out," said McKay.

Oden is hoping the improvement plan works so she won't have to worry every time it rains.

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