Page 13: Preserving East Biloxi

A series of paintings and models preserve the rich heritage of east Biloxi.

All of the replicas of history were created by Peter Jurich who grew up on Point Cadet.

"This is an old fishermen shed that was common on the point. This one belonged to my Grandfather," said Jurich pointing at a model.

Hand built and painted models of some of the point's most memorable places provide a glimpse back in time.

For Jurich it's very personal.

"I want to capture that time period when I was coming up on the point in the 6o's and 70's. I started with my mother's house and have not stopped since," Jurich said.

Peter started painting a few years ago. Most of his art depicts the flavor of the seafood industry in east Biloxi. He has witnessed a variety of emotions from people who see his work and are filled with memories of long gone but never forgotten landmarks.

"I had a postman. He must have been 85 or 90 years old. He had tears in his eyes talking about stopping and drinking a Barq's root beer on the steps. I know I touched him," Jurich said.

Jurich made all of the tiny parts and pieces of the models. Imagine the time and commitment to authenticity.

His work is on display at the Biloxi Visitor's Center through April.

His goal is to let his fellow east Biloxians stroll down memory lane.