Pro golfer Michael Allen makes trick shot look easy


It was an amazing "trick shot" over a very large water hazard.

Wednesday afternoon at Beau Rivage, the defending champion of the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic made an impressive golf shot from the casino resort's pool deck.

If he was nervous, he didn't show it. Michael Allen and his caddy carefully checked out the challenge.

Shoot a golf ball from the elevated pool deck to a blow-up, 28 foot wide, floating green in the Mississippi Sound.

"Everybody loves, if you love golf, you love trick shots. Right? You're out there betting your buddies on the course and everything. I can make this shot, I can make that shot. So, our marketing vice president came up with this idea to do this for a great cause," said Kevin Hankins, the Chief Operating Officer at C Spire.

His caddy dialed in the distance at 135 yards.

With 10 tries to hit the target, shot number one missed just to the left and splashed into the sound.

The defending champ of the Mississippi Gulf Resort classic teed it up again. How good are these pros?

Let's just say shot number two was dead on, hitting right near the center.

That's a winner and Michael Allen breaks into his "happy dance". He hit a perfect eight iron on just his second try.

"I told him it would probably be three or four tries before he hit it, so he did it in two. He's awfully good," said his caddy, Pete Bender.

"It was fun. It was nice for everyone to get together and do all this. It was a good time," said Allen.

So was he nervous?

"Not really. Just a hair, it was fun," Allen said, smiling.

Allen's successful shot meant C Spire giving a $15,000 donation to Habitat for Humanity. Also wearing a big smile was the 17-year-old C Spire customer who won a wave-runner when Allen nailed that eight iron.

"That was a crazy shot. That was really crazy," said Joseph Perrault, who won the wave runner with that successful shot.

The man, who proved his solid iron play with the ultimate water hazard shot, signed the remaining golf balls and accepted well wishes as he prepares to defend his championship.

By the way, those were special golf balls Michael Allen shot.

They are environmentally friendly, and the one he missed was retrieved from the water.

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