Teens Say It's Common For Adults To Buy Booze For Minors

Many teenagers claim instead of discouraging underage drinking many grownups are helping the problem along.

Teens say one of the most common ways young people get alcohol is from adults who are more than willing to buy or give it to them.

On Friday Biloxi police arrested 23 year-old Rodney Brock for giving alcohol to 16 year-old Andrew Nation earlier this month.

Nation died the same night in a head on collision with another vehicle after speeding down the interstate going the wrong way.

The cheerleaders at Coast Cheerleading in Ocean Springs have the moves and the skills to be all-stars.

They feel alcohol is not worth the risk of losing a place on the elite squad.

However, they say teens who do drink usually have an easy time getting beer and liquor.

"It depends on who you know because some people like your older friends might have like fake i.d.s or something and they can get it for you," said Kyla Kay, a 17

In her freshman year of college at Alcorn State University, Tawana Harmon has noticed most of the upperclassmen are willing to buy alcohol for students who can't purchase it legally.

"You give them the money and they'll go in the store and buy it for you. You tell them what you want and they'll buy it for you," Ha

Harmon says alcohol is also easy to get at parties where no on bothers to ask anyone's age.

Many teens we spoke with believe the reason so many adults are willing to give minors alcohol is that most people aren't afraid of getting caught.

"Some of the people will tell you no I don't do that go to someone else but most people will get it for you anyway," sai

Fourteen-year-old Megan McNair feels fewer adults would purchase alcohol for teens if there were stiffer penalties.

"If you get in trouble more for it then it will keep people from doing it because they won't want to pay fines or go to jail," McN

In Mississippi purchasing or giving alcohol to a minor is a misdemeanor carrying a fine of up to one thousand dollars.

Also parents, you might want to pay closer attention to the stock in your liquor cabinets.

Teens tell us that's one of the main places where many young people get alcohol.