Bikers For Bush Hit Campaign Trail

The Presidential election is just days away, but it isn't only the Presidential candidates who are hitting the campaign trail.

Dozens of bikers took their campaign message to the roads of South Mississippi Saturday, rallying support for President Bush.

Biker Roy Martin is all revved up about the upcoming election and says he's excited to be a part of this politically-fueled caravan.

"You have normal people out on the road," Martin said.

"Bush and his dignitaries, they get out there and talk, but you get to meet the people on the road. You get to see what we feel, and what we feel like the Republican party has done for our people," he adds.

"We are represented here by a number of different groups, individual riders, we have a number of different clubs here, represented," said the event's director, Lynn Rouse.

Rouse said they saw a lot of support on the roads, but they did run into some democratic supporters along the way.

"I think there was a few that didn't wave," Rouse said.

This is the second time bikers have hit the streets of South Mississippi, campaigning for President Bush, and their efforts four years ago didn't go unnoticed by the President.

"Four years ago, our group that did this ride, we had a little perk and we had a private tour of the White House, and also a private tour of the capitol," Rouse said.

"You should have seen the looks of some of the visitors to the White House when we walked in in our biker outfit," she added.

But for now, Rouse and his fellow Bikers for Bush have one simple wish-- that history will repeat itself, and George W. Bush will be sworn into office again.