Thompson Road resident warns drivers to slow down

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Thomas Winn is tired of seeing cars speeding down the narrow county road in front of his home in Harrison County.

He says the 20 mph speed limit on Thompson Road is rarely obeyed. In fact, Winn says many cars are going 50 to 60 mph.

"They know you're here now. You've done something good by just standing out here," said a smiling Winn, as a car seemed to slow down when it spotted us standing alongside the road.

Winn said the presence of our camera is the only reason that car seemed to be traveling close to the speed limit.

Normally, Winn sits in his front yard and keeps track of the various vehicles going much, much faster down this narrow county road.

"Speeding has just gotten ridiculous, and it's really, it's to the point where somebody is going to get hurt or killed. Now we've got county workers down there on this narrow road working," said Winn.

In fact, it was speeders threatening the safety of a county work crew that prompted Winn to call WLOX News and complain.

We checked with the Harrison County crew and yes, they say a number of speeders have zipped by their work site; some failing to even slow down.

Still, not everyone is convinced there's a speeding problem on Thompson Road.

"He's kind of over protective," says Mark Pickens. "He'll get out there with his cane in the middle of the road."

Pickens runs a construction company right across the street from Thomas Winn. He says the speeding on Thompson Road is no worse than other county roads.

"There's a little bit of speeding, but not to that magnitude," said Pickens.

WLOX News did talk with one other longtime resident. Although she preferred not to go on camera, she told us she does believe there's a speeding problem on Thompson Road.

"They definitely fly by here, especially at night," she said.

We saw only light traffic and just a few speeders, but keep in mind our camera was there for only about an hour in the early afternoon.

Thomas Winn's daily traffic log shows something different.

"We're seeing a whole lot more traffic, and we're seeing a whole lot more people speeding," Winn said.

Harrison County has sent deputies to Thompson Road in the past to monitor the traffic.

Sheriff Melvin Brisolara told WLOX News to keep in mind that state law prohibits his deputies from running radar to catch speeders.

However, often times the mere presence of a county patrol car is enough for drivers to slow down.

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