Halloween Characters Haunt Coast Events

The Biloxi Town Green came alive Friday evening with such images as a green witch,a wounded skeleton, and a character found in many crowds, a big chicken.

It was all part of Halloween Fun, which included a movie, a costume contest as well as a spooky new addition.

"We've added a haunted house this year and everything is free. We've just asked for one can of food for admission and that goes to the Salvation Army food bank. So we're hopefully having a lot of family fun tonight," said Main Street Biloxi president Kay Miller.

Fun and food were definitely on hand, but not just for the children, a few adults get a kick out this annual outing.

"It's good for the moms to get together and we get to sit and talk and the kids get to watch the movie they like it. It's fun. they like the popcorn and all that stuff," said mother Ramona Creel.

The Gulfport Leisure Services Department held Halloween on the Bayou at the Handsboro Community Center, where we found Marge Simpson and her husband Homer.

This event also offered a costume contest, games and prizes, and the all time favorite-- candy.

And it seems like everyone gets to have fun.

"Halloween is just a fun time. The kids enjoy it and the timing of what we did, we tried to plan some of it was while the sun was still up so the smaller kids got to enjoy some of it before it got too dark and the older kids get to enjoy a lot of the spookiness of it," said Leisure Services program coordinator Sean Campbell.

And bringing smiles to many faces is what this night was all about.

In case you are wondering, trick-or-treating is believed to have come from a European custom called "souling."

"Souling" is when Christians would walk from village to village begging for "soul cakes."