LNG Pullout From Mobile Has Some Pascagoula Residents Worried

Pascagoula Port Authority Director Mark McAndrews is pointing to the proposed LNG terminal site.

McAndrews says besides adding 50 new jobs the terminal would bring in $2-3 million in revenue that could help cut taxes.

"It'll go a long way towards our commissioners and board of supervisors' stated desire of reducing dependance on tax revenue," McAndrews says.

Most of the residents I talked to today on Washington Road say all they see are the drawbacks. The east part of Washington Road is one of the closest to the proposed LNG terminal site. Residents say the last thing they want is another industry in their back yard.

"We didn't have any of that industry out there then, so it was a really pretty view," Resident Eddie Martin says as he looks out at the view.

That was 13 years ago when Eddie Martin bought this property. Though he doesn't want another distraction in the horizon, Martin says there's more to worry about than the view.

The concerns raised about an LNG terminal by Mobile residents has made him think twice about the one proposed off Pascagoula's shore.

"First, why they didn't stay in Mobile? Why did they pull out? Is it a safety issue, is it an environmental issue? Or a combination of both," Martin asks.

The port authority says the Bayou Casotte location was identified as a good spot almost 30 years ago. Jackson County Economic Development officials say no terminal will be built without public approval.