Parents Hope For Daughter's Recovery From DUI Crash

She dreamed of becoming a lawyer and helping others. Now an 18 year old Loyola student lies in a coma, while her parents pray for her recovery.

Alyssa Taylor was critically injured when a drunk driver, going the wrong way on I-10, crashed head on into her vehicle.

Her parents have a powerful message about the dangers of DUI.

"We tried everything we could to protect her. And make the right choices for her. And in a split second, someone came and changed our whole life and took that from us," said Ann Taylor, as she stood over her daughter's hospital bed.

Alyssa Taylor remains in a coma in the intensive care unit of Keesler Medical Center. The bright, attractive woman looked forward to a promising future. That all changed four weeks ago.

"She was traveling on the interstate, when she was struck head on by a drunk driver. A 16 year old boy's decision to drink and drive cost him his life and Alyssa Taylor that promising future," said Alyssa's mother.

The parents are struggling with the tragedy, hoping their bright eyed daughter recovers fully.

"A very pleasant child. Happy. Generous. Big hearted. Enjoyed going to school. Avid reader. She wanted to grow up and become an attorney and help the defendants, the little people," said her father, Alvin Taylor.

Now, friends and family reach out to help with prayers and get well wishes. Someone's bad decision caused so much hurt.

"We haven't been back to work. And our life is kind of on hold, waiting by her side to see if she's going to wake up," said Ann Taylor.

"In a manner of speaking... she was just an innocent by stander. She's just traveling and minding her own business," said Alvin Taylor.

Alyssa's parents want others to know this could have been avoided.

"Make sure you're making the right decisions. And alcohol and driving, they just don't mix, you know," Ann Taylor pleaded.

Bad choices killed one teenager and left another fighting for life.