Rain cleared out for 29th Shenanigans Parade in Gulfport

Jonathan Allen, Katie Wilson, and Scott Allen. Grand Marshals and Colleen.
Jonathan Allen, Katie Wilson, and Scott Allen. Grand Marshals and Colleen.
29th Annual Shenanigan's Parade in Gulfport
29th Annual Shenanigan's Parade in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The storm clouds cleared away just in time for a little bit of fun Sunday afternoon in the city of Gulfport. The 29th annual Shenanigans Saint Patrick's Day Parade rolled through downtown with authentic Irish music, and even a visit from St. Patrick himself.

Tamara Morrison helped pull the day together, and was more than pleased with the turnout.

"Shenanigans is a family event," said Morrison.

What says family more than a couple of brothers sharing the throne? Morrison said this was the first year for there to be two Grand Marshals; Scott and Jonathan Allen.

"We were doubly lucky this year," Morrison said.

The Allen brothers joined Colleen, Katie Wilson, in a toast to Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes. Morrison said everything went off without a hitch, but it could have been a completely different story. She said watching the weather reports were making her a nervous wreck.

"I'm thinking 29 years and it has never rained on our parade, and it will not rain today," Morrison said.

Morrison claimed she willed away the weather, but the Hewes relied on other sources.

"Luck of the Irish," said Hewes.

When it came to celebrating the holiday, the Mayor wasn't afraid to really get into the role. He even donned a pair of shamrock glasses to get the fun rolling.

"They're me reading glasses, and they help me read the proclamation, see? When they come in for the Colleen and the Grand Marshals, they only work on St. Patty's Day," said Hewes.

The Shenanigans Parade is sponsored by the Quota International Organization. This year's parade consisted of around 40 units, including floats, marching groups and cars.

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