Bertram Hayes-Davis out as Executive Director of Beauvoir

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - There is a shake-up in the management at the last home of Jefferson Davis. WLOX News has confirmed Davis' great-great-grandson is out as executive director of Beauvoir.

Bertram Hayes-Davis, along with two board members, resigned effective March 3.

Davis said there was, "a disagreement on the direction of the property," between his team and the Beauvoir board. Davis wanted Beauvoir to, "be the one place you come in the country to learn about Jefferson Davis." He now believes the board had a different vision.

"It didn't seem to be something that they aspire to embrace," said Davis.

When asked if he could discuss the board's vision, Davis said, "I'm not sure that I know." He recommended we talk with Board President Richard Forte. WLOX News reached out to Forte on Sunday, but was hung up on without any comment.

Davis would not talk about the financial condition of Beauvoir, and he said he would not try to guess what the future of Christmas at Beauvoir would be.

He did say the major contributors to the Christmas lights spectacular would not support the program in year three because Andi Oustalet was no longer the coordinator.

Oustalet had been told her work with the Christmas at Beauvoir lights show is no longer necessary. That light show brought thousands of people to Beauvoir the last two Decembers.

When asked if Beauvoir is in trouble, the great-great-grandson of Jefferson Davis said that was a good question. His fear is the board's direction going forward, "isn't the correct way for it to be successful."

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