Unity Festival brings Gulfport community together

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The rain poured down and umbrellas went up, but people still enjoyed their afternoon at the 6th annual Unity Festival in Gulfport Saturday.

Luther McKant gets a front row seat every year, which he's always excited about.

"I've been to every one, every one, and looking forward to many more," McKant said.

He loves to see his community in one place for a positive reason, and wishes the festival would come around more often.

"The comradery of the community. People coming together. You know, I think it's a lovely thing," McKant said.

The community is the reason Cassandra Harper Walton started the nonprofit organization and festival to begin with. She's pleased that others see her vision of the organization being fulfilled.

"It just makes me feel really good to know that the people take to what we're doing. To come out and to want to participate, and to fellowship," Walton said.

James Bolton sings and preaches in Hattiesburg. He came down to the Coast to attend the festival for the first time. He hopes to bring the Gulfport community even closer with his words and voice.

"Bring some people and lift them up. Kind of give them hope and give them a little joy. You know, this is a good day that the Lord has given us. I'm excited," Bolton said.

"I hope that we can continue this and bring the community ever closer together. Not only this community, but communities throughout and have a message that we can come together in the state of Mississippi, to strive for the future of the state, for the county, for the city, for the whole state and for our nation," McKant said.

All leftover profits from the cost of the event go to the Unity Festival Incorporated scholarship fund, their Thanksgiving feed the needy drive and their unity angel tree.

Walton thanks everyone that continues to come to the event every year and support the community.

"It's all about giving back and empowering our people," Walton said.

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