A million dollars worth of meth found hidden inside a car bumper

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Two men are facing life in prison after police say they found nearly 20 pounds of Methamphetamine hidden in a car.

Elieser Sandoval and Victor Menera-Huato were pulled over Thursday evening on Interstate 10 in Gulfport for speeding. The men told police they were traveling from a construction job in Louisiana back to where they live in North Carolina.

The Gulfport officer noticed the passenger, Menera-Huato, was extremely nervous. He ran a check on the driver and the car and found out that they had traveled across the Mexican border earlier the same day. The officer also noticed the car had been driven over the border around the same time the past two months.

Police then searched the vehicle and noticed the front bumper looked odd. The officer reached inside and found bags of what looked like meth.

Sandoval and Menera-Huato were arrested. The officer, along with The Drug Enforcement Administration and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents, removed the front bumper and found 19.5 pounds of meth hidden inside. The estimated value? $1.5 million.

Sandoval and Mernera-Huato are now facing anywhere from ten years to life in prison, if found guilty. A judge ruled both men will be held in jail without bond.

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