Biloxi School Building Plans Proceed

The site work is nearly finished and construction will soon begin on the new Biloxi High School.

That $30 million project is part of a building plan that also includes adding classrooms to several elementary schools.

Future plans also include building two new elementary schools.

Sixty acres near Richer Road is the future home of the new Biloxi High School. Preparing the site involved building up a layer of fill dirt, four feet deep. And the bricks and mortar construction is about to begin.

"Roughly $30 million plus or minus in total cost, servicing 1,600 students. It has three gymnasiums, two practice fields. I mean it is a state of the art high school and something that Biloxi should be very proud to have," said William Yates, with Yates Construction.

The new high school site is just south of Biloxi's newest elementary school. The opening of North Bay Elementary sent a message.

Madelon Gruich is president of the Biloxi School Board.

"I think when they saw North Bay Elementary they realized that it's actually going to happen. I think we all did at that point. Seeing the trucks in and out with ground breaking and the site work that's going on at the new high school I think we finally realized, yes, in two years we will be there," said Gruich.

Students at Popps Ferry can watch their future facilities taking shape. Workers are adding 12 classrooms and a media center. The project is among four Biloxi elementary schools where additions and renovations are already underway.

"The elementary schools project and the four that we're dealing with right now is a little over a nine million dollar project. And those are scheduled to be complete by August of 2001 this school year," said Biloxi school superintendent, Dr. Larry Drawdy.

The new high school will open in the fall of next year. A ceremonial ground breaking will happen in the next few weeks.