Group Aims To Cast Smart Vote

Local unions of South Mississippi and Alabama sponsored a "Working Families Political Rally" as an opportunity for people to see which presidential candidates are perhaps more beneficial for the working people.

This rally had more of a democratic slant, but the overall message was clear - show your patriotism by casting a ballot.

"We felt it was real important just prior to election day to try to hit a nerve with everybody and make sure that everybody out there are educated on what the issues are and make sure everybody knows that the biggest thing you can do in this country to exercise your right of freedom is to go vote," said Jackson County Central Labor Union president W.D. "Chico" McGill.

Local leaders met with community members to discuss such issues as education as well as various factors of organized labor, which is very important to union participants like Ms. Lula Stewart.

"Of course, if it were not for organized labor we would not have a middle class in this country. What one would call really in the middle. That is the very fabric and foundation of our country," said Stewart.

And the future of this country will be determined by voters in just five days.

Jackson County officials predict the county will see its largest voter turnout ever for a presidential election on November second.