D'Iberville Community Club Center about to make its debut

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The sound of jackhammers will soon be replaced with the peaceful calm of wedding bells once the new D'Iberville Community Club Center opens next month.  The brickwork is almost complete, and now work is concentrated inside the 12,000 square foot building.

Even though the club is private, it will be rented out for all sorts of events. That space is needed, according to City Manager Bobby Eleuterius.

"Anything that we can bring into the community that will help those issues, to give people more places to congregate and have their weddings facilities and whatever celebrations they're going to have, we're very pleased to have that facility being built," Eleuterius said.

While this new community club is going to ultra modern in every sense, offering all sorts of amenities for the people to enjoy, it also offers something else even more important - It's being built to last.

Anthony Norton is the construction supervisor.

"It has 12 gauge exterior studs. It's the strongest building I've built in awhile out of metal studs. The spacing on the wall is 8 inch centers on the exterior corners. It's real structurally sound," Norton explained.

For business owners on Lamey Bridge Road, the new center could create an economic boost. Mark Holland is one of them.

"We sell motel and hotel supplies and things for weddings and parties and that's what they do. Basically, it's a community club but it's a business and the more people they bring into this area the better for all of us," Holland said.

Eleuterius said the center also provides another important impact for the city.

"This center was in a flood area. It's now moved up next to the senior center where it's being constructed.  It's another sign of coming back and putting Katrina in the past."

The $2.5 half million dollar price tag for the center comes from MEMA and FEMA Katrina recovery grants and insurance proceeds from the former center.

The non-profit D'Iiberville Community Club was formed in 1955 and each year raises thousands of dollars for student scholarships and food baskets for the needy during the holidays.

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