Parents upset over deadly fight at Moss Point School

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Several parents and community members in Moss Point are still very upset about the deadly fight last week involving two seventh graders in the district. Many of them were planning on voicing those concerns at Tuesday's school board meeting, but that didn't happen. The meeting was rescheduled for next Tuesday.

Alice Fornett adores her grandchild and loves to show off her photos. So, to hear there was a fight at her grandchild's school, Magnolia Middle, that left 12-year-old Lorel Malone dead was alarming.

"I worry very much about her safety, and she has been asking me can she move. I told her no, she can't move, but we are going to be up on it now on," Fornett said.

Fornett says the district has to find ways to create a safer environment, so kids won't use their fists to solve problems.

"I think they should maybe revamp the school and have more protection within the school to protect the children," Fornett said.

Katura Green has two kids in the Moss Point School District. She said more programs that focus on peace building, non-violence and bullying would also help.

"Each child has a different thing they go through, and some children have no parents that they can go home to or someone they feel close to. Each child needs to know no matter what happens, I am there for you," Green said.

Local pastor Herman Odom wants prayer put back in schools.

"When I was in school we did have prayer and chapel every morning. There were kids who didn't go church, but they got it at the school and you have to have a background. People are not raising the kids as they ought to," Odom said.

These parents and community members hope more concerned groups will not point fingers, but instead come up with helpful solutions to keep kids protected in Moss Point.

"These are children and they will be scarred behind just the gossip and everything because you never know what is going that affects the child in the long run," Green said.

Jackson County NAACP President Curley Clark is also concerned about the violence in the Moss Point School District. He said the NAACP members are committed to mentoring and helping the district find ways to promote peace in schools.

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