Some Gautier residents concerned about proposed pet limit

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - There was a packed house at the Gautier City Hall for a workshop on the newly proposed animal and fowl ordinance. The city's planning commission is trying to update the city's outdated animal ordinance and give it more teeth.

"The animal control ordinance is being cleaned up and being better specific about addressing problems that we have in Gautier where animals are concerned," said Vice Chairman of Gautier Planning Commission Larry Dailey.

Once the main ordinance changes were announced, several citizens stood up and told the council what they thought should be added or taken out of the proposal. One of the main concerns residents had was over the planning commission's proposal to limit each household to just five domesticated pets.

"Yes, sir, I have eight dogs and my house doesn't stink. They're not overcrowded," said Gautier resident Nicolette Plummer.

Plummer says she doesn't want the city to limit the number of animals per households; however she says she agrees with the city updating its animal ordinance.

"I'm pleased with some of it. But the number of, I'm definitely not. I would love to see them get more control over animals running loose. I have been forced to make complaints in the past on it," said Plummer.

"I often have to stop my walks with my animals short because there are animals chasing me," said Gautier resident Robin Decker.

Decker said she also agrees that the city needs to update the ordinance.

"Absolutely, there is so many animals running free, running loose, stray animals. I know a lot of people want to have multiple animals and that's fine. I have five myself. But they need to be able to take care of them," Decker said.

In addition, to limiting the number of animals per household, the planning commission is also proposing only requiring a rabies vaccination every three years for a dog. The current mandate requires dogs to be vaccinated annually.

No word yet, when the city will make a final decision on the proposed ordinance.

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