Biloxi man wants city to regularly open ball fields

Shawn Miguel plays ball with his mom.
Shawn Miguel plays ball with his mom.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Baseball for Shawn Gollott of Biloxi and his 7-year-old son Shawn Miguel is serious business that's why playing on a good field like the ones at the A.J. Holloway Sports Complex is important for the 3rd basemen and his parents.

But according to Gollott, the fields are rarely open and when they are tournaments or city leagues are playing, leaving little time for his son to get in enough practice before the fields are locked up.

"I've been coaching in the youth league now for four years and they only make it available to us during league ball time, which is a Biloxi League thing and that's the only time that it's made available to the public," said Shawn Gollott.

There are numerous league teams and each one is only allotted limited time on the field. But Gollott says he wants to see those chains removed and he recently got the attention of the city.

"I went through social media and Councilman Glavan along with Councilwoman Newman and they've both been very positive with supporting getting the fields open," said Gollott.

Ward 6 Councilman Kenny Glavan says he's heard the cries of several residents and says the field is closed for various reasons.

"There's budgetary reasons on personnel that we need to use to open and close the parks. There's concerns that there may be excessive use on the fields that would create additional maintenance," said Glavan.

Still, Glavan says he too wants to see the fields opened to the public.

"I think some of the supervisors are considering some additional funding and personal and that would help us get to the next budget round with the city to see what we can do and have better resources to allow better access," Glavan said.

The A.J. Holloway Sports Complex has been open for more than a decade and consists of 13 well kept fields on the 68 acre site which is located south of Cedar Lake and Popps Ferry Roads.

There's no word yet on when the fields will open, but we will keep you updated on WLOX News and

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