Moss Point aldermen vote to remove Main Street median

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Crossing Main Street in Moss Point is about to get easier. The board of alderman voted to take out sections of the concrete medians that divide the roadway.

The medians were part of a beautification project that also added a walkway and more greenery to the heart of downtown. Alex Vendrell, Owner of Performance Auto, never liked the idea of adding medians.

"It's just money that was wasted. I know that it probably couldn't have gone to something else, but it wasn't necessary to do that," Vendrell said.

Many people in Moss Point say that the beautification project really didn't make things beautiful. Instead, it caused headaches and inconveniences to drivers and business owners.

Michelle Moore is a hair stylist on Main Street. If she could have it her way, the entire median would be stripped. But she likes the plan city leaders have to add turning lanes.

"By them putting turning lanes, I think it'll be better," Moore said. "I understand they want to beautify Moss Point, and I'm with Moss Point growing. But, as well, they need to realize that we have to make a living here and it really has taken an affect on our business."

Moore said business dropped so much at Beacon Car Wash that it closed after access was cut off. She also said salon business dropped after the medians went in.

Customers like Shelia Jones stopped coming to LaBelle Salon for a while. She's happy getting to her appointments will soon be easier.

"I'll come this way more often. I had stopped coming this way. The only reason I come this way is because she's here," Jones said.

The new median cuts will be something that both business owners and drivers will be happy to see.

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