Coast Rally For Traditional Marriage

Members of various denominations came together to let a united voice be heard.

"We need an amendment because no one has the right to undefine the Word of God," said pastor Al Green.

And this is the voice they hope others will hear and be reflected in the polls come November second.

Nearly a dozen churches of the Hancock County Ministerial Alliance were represented in showing their support for an amendment which would ban same-sex marriages.

"Many of the pastors in the community and some others had a burden to promote that in our county and we wanted to have a rally, get the Christian people together, well anybody that wanted to come together and pray and just voice our stand for marriage as it's traditionally been," said HCMA president Rev. Jeb Banashak.

Reverend Banashak believes the church has been silent for too long on this issue.

So a little reinforcement on the biblical interpretation of marriage was brought in through guest speaker Ed Vitagliano, news editor for the American Family Association Journal.

"There's a lot of different voices being heard on the subject of marriage in our nation. The Christian community, the Christian church has been pretty steadfast in its support of traditional marriage for 2000 years, and I think a lot of times Christians want to hear that same voice speak with some degree of certainty in uncertain times," said Vitagliano.

Whether this voice makes an impact or not will be determined in less than a week.

Same-sex marriage is only legal in the state of Massachusetts.

And six other states have already approved the amendment to ban same sex marriage.