Page 13: Fantasy and reality collide in unique art display

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Miniature settings featuring handmade characters populate a fictional world called Inexplicable City.

Artist Rich Kopp designs and builds the people and places that are part of a story titled "The Legend of Carl Walker."

''He is a detective who works for the inexplicables. They all have things about them that are unexplainable. Because they are a small percentage of the population, Carl is there to solve their problems and sort out their messes," said Kopp.

He began working on this art installation in 2008 as a student at USM.

"I did this art installation and action figure stuff for my senior project. It's been going on ever since. I've built a greater library of characters, locations and sets," Kopp said.

The work is meticulous, scaled down to one sixth the size of the real world.

Inexplicable City has been integrated into his combination gallery and apartment at Rue Magnolia in Biloxi.

You can explore Inexplicable City on Friday, March 7, in conjunction with what Biloxi calls It's Finally Friday, where people can wander through the shops and galleries at Rue Magnolia in Biloxi.

"I can have viewers come in and see art. They can see the studio process and all that goes into it. Because this is where I live, you can see how involved I am with the art," says Kopp.

Fantasy and reality come together in this unique art project.

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