Rain didn't dampen the spirit of Mardi Gras

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Bundled up in rain jackets and hands covered with gloves, Mardi Gras fanatics were not going let Mother Nature rain on the parade. Even 93-year-old World War II veteran John Phillips braved the elements.

"We don't miss too many parades," Phillips said.

His family tried to get him to stay home or at least wait in the car until the parade arrived, but the fun loving vet was determined to be in the front row for Fat Tuesday.

"We will capture these beads," Phillips said laughing.

He sure did. Float after float kept throwing him loads of beads and he reached for every one of them.

Brian Bozeman and his family were soaking wet screaming for beads. That's because they decided to use the umbrella as a bead catcher.

"It's Mardi Gras, what else are you going to do?" Bozeman asked.

Others, like Al Magnusen, decided that after a while in the cold and rain it was time to move the party inside.

"I walked half way and I had to get out," Magnusen said.

He was part of the Biloxi Marching Club handing out flowers along the parade route. Half way along the parade route Magnusen took his flowers and went to a restaurant to enjoy it from inside.

"It was a little wet today, it was a little cold today, it was a little chilly today, but it was still a great day," Magnusen said.

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