Private developer to help Flint Creek become premier destination

WIGGINS, MS (WLOX) - A multi-million dollar investment is expected to turn Flint Creek Water part into a premier destination for family entertainment. A ribbon cutting in Wiggins on Monday included announcements for big changes ahead and the partnership that's making it all possible.

Flint Creek's water slides are about to go by the wayside. By Memorial Day weekend, crews will have transformed this area into the new Splash of Fun Water Park.

"In May, we'll have some swimming pools, hot tubs," said developer Russell Ryals. "We'll have more slides added here. It will all be chlorinated. We'll have a lazy river."

Splash Of Fun's initial investment at Flint Creek Water park will be $5 million with later phases to include a sports complex, golf course, boat marina, convention center and more. It's a private- public partnership with the Pat Harrison Waterway District to take Flint Creek to the next level of family friendly attractions.

Pat Harrison Waterway District Executive Director Hiram Boone said, "It's going to attract a lot more people from Alabama, Louisiana, all over. We're hoping snowbirds from up north will come in. This will be a great place for families to come and enjoy this. It will be similar to going to Branson, Missouri only you just come right here to Flint Creek."

More visitors at Flint Creek means an economic boost for Stone County.

"Unless they come camping and bring their own food then they're going to be buying here," said Lance Pearson, Stone County Supervisor. "The local Walmart and grocery stores like Piggly Wiggly and places like that so it's always a benefit to the county and the city."

Officials for Splash Of Fun Water park say they looked at other locations but settled on Flint Creek because there is already a large clientele there.

"We want to make this a premier destination where families from all over the world can come here and enjoy everything that we have to offer," said Ryals. "Go home and make a memory that will last a lifetime."

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