Taylor & Lott Face Off In Congressional Debate

Fourth District Congressman Gene Taylor and his Republican challenger Mike Lott faced off Tuesday night at WLOX in their only live debate.

The two candidates, who differ very little on most issues, went head to head in an effort to differentiate their approaches to dealing with those issues if elected.

Republican Candidate Mike Lott said, "It's time the 4th district has a congressman who no longer stands as a loner in the legislative process, who understands that tax cuts are important to the people."

Incumbent Congressman, Democrat Gene Taylor said, "Fifteen years ago, I told the people of South Mississippi that if they would give me the opportunity to represent them in congress, that I would work for a nation that lives within its means."

But perhaps each candidate's priorities reveal their biggest differences. For Taylor, it's reducing the $7.4 trillion national deficit.

"In the three and a half years since the passage of the tax breaks that he thinks are so great, the Republican dominated congress has stolen over $500 billion from the social security trust fund, and stolen almost $100 billion from the Medicaid trust fund."

For Lott, it's giving money back to the taxpayers who earned it.

"Because of the tax cuts, our unemployment rate now is lower than it ever has been in the average of the 70s, the 80s, and the 90s. It stimulates the economy. It creates jobs."

Lott continually hammered away at Taylor's record as a blue dog Democrat who's failed to gain power.

"Party politics does control chairmanships and vice-chairmanships in the congress."

Taylor countered that Lott aims to gain power as a "yes" man for the Republican party.

"Washington's got too many political hacks. The last thing we need is one more, and particularly sending one more from South Mississippi."

Which man came out on top is up for interpretation and up to the voters on November 2nd.