Holy Trinity students let the good times roll

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Students at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Bay St. Louis left their classrooms Friday to let the good times roll.

The annual Mardi Gras parade gives the elementary school children a chance to learn about and take part in the Coast's carnival tradition. As WLOX News found out, the parade is always a blast for the students and their parents.

The St. Stanislaus marching band set the mood with familiar Mardi Gras music. Holy Trinity's Mardi Gras parade rolled with elaborately decorated wagons.

"Happy Mardi Gras," said one student as he rolled by inside of a decorated wagon.

One 'float' decorated like the famous Batmobile attracted a lot of attention.

''A lot of the families got very, very creative this year," said parent Cindy Knoblock.

Holy Trinity has paraded through the streets of Old Town Bay St. Louis for more than 20 years.

Kindergarten students Carley Heitzmann and Elijah LaBrosse reigned over the parade as King and Queen.

''I got to throw beads and stuff to people," said King Elijah.

Elijah had a blast. He said he'd like to wear the royal crown forever.

"I can make a lot of people happy," explained the little King.

''It's all about the kids and our school," said Christina Castoro, Holy Trinity PTO President.

It's a lot of fun for the catholic school students, but there's always an important lesson to learn.

"This is our last celebration Mardi Gras meaning Fat Tuesday before our Lenten season begins on ash Wednesday, so of course this is our fun time before we begin the fasting," said Janet Buras, Principal at Holy Trinity Elementary School.

Lent is 40 days of solemn prayer and reflection, but today students at Holy Trinity let the good times roll.

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