Gene Taylor reentering politics as a republican

Gene Taylor (left), Rep. Steven Palazzo (right)
Gene Taylor (left), Rep. Steven Palazzo (right)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Gene Taylor wants to get back into politics. And this time around the life-long democrat is running to represent the 4th district as a republican.

Gene Taylor spent more than 20 years in Washington with a "D" beside his name. Friday, he went to the office of the Mississippi Republican Party in Jackson where he officially switched parties and filed papers to run for the 4th District on the GOP side.

"I'm gonna win," Taylor said confidently. "I'm in this race to win. I've got 90 days to get out and see a lot of people. If this comes down to an auction, if this just comes down to being available to the highest bidder, he's gonna win. He's a millionaire. It's a job that has to be earned."

So what does the man now in the 4th district seat, Congressman Steven Palazzo, have to say about Taylor's announcement? Palazzo released a one sentence statement Friday afternoon saying, "It took 25 years for my former Democrat opponent to make it into a Republican primary, and I welcome him to it."

The Republican Primary is June 3rd.

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