Party Committees Work Harder As Election Nears

The Republican Headquarters in Pascagoula has been busy giving out signs, information, even making phone calls to help President George Bush get re-elected. Some local republicans even have to wait on a list to get yard signs.

"We've given a ton away. We just got a new stock in, so we're excited. We're calling everybody who wants some to come pick them up," Volunteer Hannah Daugherty says.

"Usually you have to make an effort to go out and say, 'hey, will you put a sign in your yard?' That has not been the case this time," Republican Chairman Lynn Rouse.

The Democratic Committee in Moss Point is having the same problem.

"We've made several trips to Florida to pick up signs. They're going like hotcakes, you know. There seems to be more interest in this election than the 2000, 1996, or 1992 election. I think we all would be willing to bet the turnout would be greater," Democrat Chairman Melton Harris says.

In the 2000 election, 60% of the registered voters in Jackson County went to the polls. Harris believes up to 75% could turn out this year.

The democrat committee is offering information, signs, even rides to the polls to make sure every Kerry supporter votes.

"I'm going home and I'm putting my yard signs up," Kerry supporter Wonda Ray says.

Both Harris and Rouse hope their party's supporters end up being the majority casting ballots.