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South Georgia man needs help affording heart surgery

Eddie Flowers Eddie Flowers

A South Georgia man who needs heart surgery needs help to pay for it. He says his finances get worse each day. Eddie Flowers says he is desperate.  He can't pay his medical bills and says he now has no place to live and no way to get to doctors appointments.  

47-year-old Eddie Flowers looks at the grave sites where several of his friends who died from cancer or heart attacks are laid to rest. He suffered his second heart attack in 2009 causing him to lose his job as a farmer.  

"I need an aorta valve and my fibrillator replaced, said Flowers."  

The surgery will cost him $40,000. Flowers' medical bills are close to $500 a month. He's had to sale everything he owns just to make ends meet.  

"Right now I done sold everything I got. The only thing I got is me and my health dog," said Flowers.  

Flowers' lost his home and currently lives with a friend, but will soon have to move out.  

"That's gone be played out this afternoon because he's gone have his kids this weekend and I can't stay with him," said Flowers.  

His car broke down last night preventing his travel to future doctor's appointments.  

"It throws me in a deep depression quite a bit. Anybody that's got heart troubles, health problems like that knows pretty well what I'm going through," said Flowers.  

The only thing keeping flowers strong is his dog, Buddy, who he says he may have to put down because he can't afford to feed him.  

"I've had him for seven years since he's a puppy. I hate to lose a good dog you know," said Flowers.  

Flowers' hopes his story will touch someone to help his financial situation.  

"Just let me know that at least someone cares anyway's what happens," said Flowers.  

It's a cry for help that he hopes will get better before Monday so that he can make it to his doctor's appointment in Macon. If you'd like to help Eddie Flowers you can contact him at 229-507-3026.

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