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Gould Elementary students learn black history is American history


Black History Month wraps up Friday, andstudents at Gould Elementary School have been learning and celebrating allmonth.

Students held their culminating program,taking a look at what our country would look like without the contributions ofblack Americans.

Students wrote essays, reports, poetry, songsand more all month long to celebrate famous and more obscure notable blackAmerican figures.

"By having a full month-long celebration,they see it's just not a passing thing, it's and integral part of Americanhistory," said gifted third and fifth grade teacher Jaime McGrath. "It's trulyimportant, not something we're just paying little mind to, but this is somethingwe deeply care about."

The theme this year is Black History isAmerican History. Teachers hope students learned that the contributions of allAmericans are integral to our shared history.

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