Page 13: Musical couple lives totally carefree lifestyle

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Harvey and Hannah, no last names required, play a blend of folk and bluegrass music. They call themselves Five Cent Fiddle, and they are on a unique journey.

"We're a traveling band. We have a horse and a dog. We wanted to take them for a long walk, and now we're walking across America," said Harvey.

No schedule, no appointments, no one to answer to.

The couple stumbled on The Shed Barbeque and Blues Joint in Ocean Springs. The folks at The Shed invited them to set up camp and take a little break from their cross country adventure.

"We came from North Carolina, and we're on our way to New Orleans. We're almost there," Harvey said.

Hannah rides the horse. As for Harvey, he started out walking, but soon found out that wasn't the best idea.

"I started the trip on foot. We couldn't carry the instruments. We had them on the horse. It was a horrible idea," the musician told us.

A man in North Carolina donated a custom made bike to Harvey. As you can imagine, this duo attracts a lot of attention from people who see them on the road.

"They pull over," said Hannah.

"They get out their phones and want to take a picture of us. They don't understand what we're doing. They're always surprised," Harvey added.

Harvey and Hannah are ready to climb on the horse, hop on the bike and get back on the road, playing music and enjoying life.

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