Veterans Promote New Political Party

A Vietnam veteran from Long Beach is leading the effort to launch a new political party in Mississippi.

Retired Marine, Edward Sherwood, is promoting the "Veterans Party of America". Although it's just over a year old, the "Veterans Party" is already recognized in more than a dozen states.

Supporters say the needs of America's veterans have been ignored by the political system for too long.

"The people up in D.C. are the ones trying to run the country instead of letting the people have a say. They're doing what they think is best. It's not always what the people want. So, our venture is not to take over the country. Our venture is to try and get it back on track," said Sherwood.

Sherwood says about ten percent of the 22 million veterans in America have already registered with the new party.

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Sherwood has sent a formal request to Secretary of State, Eric Clark, asking that the veterans party be recognized in the State of Mississippi.