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Auditors give Stone County Correctional Facility high marks


The staff at Stone County Correctional Facility is breathing a bit easier. That's because a team of auditors left on Wednesday, following a three day inspection.

The Stone County lock-up received very high marks toward its next accreditation. A closing ceremony marked the end of the inspection.

"I know everybody wants to know the score, how you did on the audit," said auditor, Butch Whidden.

That score was most impressive: 100 percent on the mandatory standards and 99.5 on the non-mandatory.

"People know what they're doing here, and I look for that. One of the things I look for is professionalism, and you've got it at this place," said Whidden.

Not only did the staff receive high marks, but the facility itself is in great shape, and inspectors looked at everything.

"When I go around, I look in corners, I look behind things. This is a very well maintained facility," said inspector, Catherine Thomas.

Warden Dwain Brewer gives credit to his team of 50 employees who help oversee all aspects of this regional lock-up.

"It really feels good, been a tough three days going through the audit. But ACA is every day. I've got a good staff and we've got a good facility and I'm proud of it," Brewer said.

"It's an adventure. Every day is different," said deputy Noelle Reynolds, who has worked at the facility for nearly seven years.

She's glad the audit is over, but wasn't surprised at the high marks.

"It's a great facility to work for, and I am proud that we did so well," Reynolds said.

The audit team not only questioned most every employee, they also sought feedback from the inmates. Surprisingly, one inspector says he couldn't pry a complaint about this place from the prisoners.

"They've got a laundry list usually. I couldn't get one inmate to complain about anything. They're happy to be here," said auditor Steve Kegeris.

The accreditation audit takes place every three years.

The Stone County Regional Correctional Facility has 500 beds and was built in the year 2000.

Accreditation is based largely on the results of this three-day audit. That formal designation will come in just a few weeks, following some more paperwork and review.

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