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Alleged Hazing Activity Reported at Leake Central HS

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Leake County School District is looking into allegations of hazing on Leake Central High School's campus. Players from the school's Junior Varsity baseball team claim varsity players have been physically abusing them as a form of initiation.

Leake County School's superintendent, Patrick Posey says he can't comment on the allegations because it's an ongoing investigation. Meanwhile some of the parents of the baseball players who were allegedly hazed are now planning to press charges.

"I had to pull him out of a sport he loves to protect him," said Angie Langston, a concerned parent who claim's her son was hazed.  "I got him home, pulled his shirt up; he had about five streaks on his arm and on his right shoulder he got like whips and bruises." 

Langston and some other parents say the hazing has been going on for about a year.

"This initiation is not a kind of initiation that should go on at school and for the coaches to let it go on and know that it's going on," said Jessica Hughes, another parent whose son says he was hazed.

J.V. players say it happens after practice. They say Varsity players take them into the locker room, cut off the lights then start beating them.

"Someone picked me up by my feet and someone was beating me with hangers and everyone was kicking me and hitting me, I was covering my head," said Blake Langston, one of the players who were allegedly hazed.

Some parents have complained to the Leake County Sheriff's Office about the incident and they want to file charges. Sheriff Greg Waggoner says parents have come into his office and inquired about charges. He also says the investigation is in the preliminary stages.

"The coaches knew about this, they let it go on and I'm not going to stop until justice is serve," said Hughes.

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