CTA denied $65,000 needed to avoid service cutbacks

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Coast Transit Authority (CTA) thought it would be getting $65,000 Tuesday from the Biloxi City Council. But council members had a change of heart.

Biloxi decided to withdraw its earlier decision to give CTA the money.

When the city agreed to give CTA the $65,000 during the last council meeting, it came with strings attached.

According to the council, the money would only be given if CTA maintained services on the routes in East Biloxi, that didn't happen. CTA needed the money to prevent a major reduction in public transit services.

"CTA decided to cut some of the fixed routes and that was our understanding. So one of the councilmen who recommended the resolution decided to rescind and the rest of the council agreed," said Ward 6 Councilman Kenny Glavan.

As for CTA riders, they're not happy with the city's decision and worry it will definitely have an impact on bus service.

"I'm pretty upset especially when I went to the city council and complaining, but they can afford putting a baseball stadium up and not fund CTA and that's gonna hurt a lot of people that ride these buses," CTA rider Robert Glauner said.

Darren Clark uses CTA seven days a week to go to work and run errands.

"There are a lot of individuals, who don't have valid transportation whether it be driver's license issue or whatever the case may be. Economically everyone can't afford a vehicle at this time," said CTA rider Daren Clark.

One tenant in the CTA building in Biloxi says he sees the passengers come and go on a daily basis.

He is confident that CTA will do the right thing for their riders.

Peters said, "They do enough research to know where their audience is at."

CTA initially asked for $131,000, but after Tuesday's decision they won't be getting any of that. CTA officials declined to comment on the city's decision. The city says CTA can come back to Biloxi this summer and request money for next fiscal year.

CTA will implement the following improvements to the CTA Fixed Route bus service in Biloxi on Sunday, March 9, 2014:

  • RT24 Keesler – Elimination of Sunday service. Service will continue to operate the current schedules on Friday and Saturday.
  • RT31 Biloxi – Elimination of Saturday service. Service will continue to operate the current schedules on Monday – Friday.
  • BeachComber Route Hwy 90 – Elimination of Sunday service in Biloxi only. Service will continue to operate the current schedules on Monday – Saturday.

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