Water outage shuts down Waveland

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - People in Waveland remained under a boil water order Tuesday after a water line broke overnight. A pipe and valve ruptured in front of the Waveland Walmart on Highway 90 at a crucial point in the water system.

The broken part of the pipe that led to a city-wide water outage in Waveland is only about two feet long. Ironically, the break happened as crews were trying to repair a small leak spotted over the weekend.

"It blew out on us," said Waveland Mayor David Garcia.

The break caused water to shoot 20 to 30 feet high right next to a power-pole holding two transformers.

"We didn't want to hit these transformers and cause these transformers to explode, so we had to shutdown the wells real quick," said the Mayor.

By mid-afternoon Tuesday, city work crews had a new pipe installed and water restored to the majority of the city. However, a boil water notice created a nightmare for many, including restaurant owners. No water, meant disposable cups, plates and utensils were the order of the day. Along with some menu changes.

"Because we're not allowed to wash dishes. We had to get our beverages, Coke products and tea. We couldn't brew any tea because the water level doesn't get to a boiling point. We couldn't serve fountain drinks because of the mixing of the water with the soda," explained Vickie Rheaume, Manager of J's Restaurant.

People trying to get ready for school or work were also inconvenienced.

"The kids woke up they couldn't brush their teeth, I couldn't brush my teeth. Needless to say, I couldn't make coffee. Little girl couldn't wash her hair," said Waveland Resident Ralph Schmidt.

A bad hair day is never good, but city leaders say getting the leak repaired quickly and preventing bigger problems was good news for everyone.

With the boil water order still in effect, people in Waveland must boil all water used for drinking or cooking for at least one minute. And remember to let the water cool.

Tests results will determine when the boil notice can be lifted.

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