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More government offices mulling move to Metro Center

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some Jackson city offices have moved to Metro Center Mall, and a police precinct is now housed there. Before the year is out, you will probably also see a big presence of Hinds County Deputies at Metro Center Mall.

"This will actually aid in development on that Highway 80 corridor, and also quite frankly, the Metro Center will eventually be the safest place in town," says HCSO Spokesman Othor Cain.

Cain tells us the Sheriff's Department is in the late stages of negotiations with mall management and the Overby Company, which sells and leases mall space, to move three divisions to the mall.

"We anticipate being able to move our Patrol Division, Community Service Division, and our Reserve unit to the Metro Center, to the North end of Metro Center. We're still in negotiations, so we anticipate wrapping that up very soon," he says.

Cain stopped short of revealing whether the county would buy or lease the space, or finance it some other way.

"I can tell you this. Our move will not cost the tax payer one penny," he says, adding that an announcement would be coming soon.

Meanwhile, in what would be an entirely separate deal, Hinds County Supervisors have discussed moving some other County offices to the mall, including a library. Board Attorney Peter Teeuwissen tells us it's just a possibility. If it happens, Supervisors want to do it in a way that won't raise taxes or hurt the County's bond rating. 

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