Coast tour company seeing more customers during its slow season

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - This isn't typically the busiest time of year for one Coast tour company, but they say they are seeing more customers than usual.

Monday the Historical Biloxi and Old Town Ocean Springs' narrated tour brought guests to famous landmarks on the coast.

The group saw everything from the old Biloxi cemetery to vacant lots left behind by Hurricane Katrina.

Tourists from all over were at the Biloxi small craft harbor either taking a tour on the Biloxi Shrimp Trip or riding the bus for the Biloxi and Ocean Springs Historical tours. According to Mike Moore the co-owner of the Biloxi historical tours seeing this many people during February is a good sign.

"Technically we should be slower than what we are right now. The shrimping trip, this is our first week. It went really well. If this is any indication of what the year's going to be, bring it on," Moore explained.

Tourists taking the Biloxi and Ocean Springs tour say they are getting a feel for the area before they begin sightseeing on their own. Sharon Nichols and Jim Nesheim came all the way to the Gulf Coast from Minneapolis to escape the cold.

"We've had a tremendously cold winter. We wanted to come for the Mardi Gras in New Orleans," said Nesheim.

The two took a tour of the historic and downtown districts in Biloxi and Ocean Springs.

A narrator drove them around the Old Biloxi Cemetery, past Antebellum homes, through downtown Biloxi and then east to Ocean Springs' Front Beach and Government Street.

To get a better feel of the area visitors get to step off the bus and walk around parts of Biloxi and Ocean Springs. Seeing areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina was the most eye opening for Nichols and Nesheim.

"We always kinda wanted to see the devastation and we heard about it on the news, but it's certainly different when you see it in person," said Nichols.

After a brief history lesson and some recommendations on great restaurants, the tour wrapped up back at the Small Craft harbor in Biloxi.

Nichols and Nesheim say they'll be taking the shrimping trip next as they continue their trip across the coast.

Moore told me he expects to see many more tourists starting the second or third week of March.

His busiest weekends are Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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