Rain couldn't stop 47th annual Krewe of Nereids parade

47th Annual Krewe of Nereids Parade
47th Annual Krewe of Nereids Parade
Floats lined up in the rain for Krewe of Nereids Parade
Floats lined up in the rain for Krewe of Nereids Parade

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The rain couldn't stop the 47th annual Krewe of Nereids parade from rolling on Sunday, but it did create a few challenges. For the first time since 1998, the parade wasn't able to start on time.

Michele Seal is an officer of the krewe and was excited to finally get things rolling.

"We've got a lot of supporters out there standing on the street sides, waiting on a parade, and we're gonna give them a parade," said Seal.

This special group of ladies has a lot of tradition to uphold, like the identity of the Krewe Captain and Queen.

"Her identity is always a secret... Always. As is Queen Doris, she's always a secret, as well," said Seal.

Waveland Mayor David Garcia said the parade has become a well known attraction for the area in the 47 years it's been rolling.

"Over the years, it had grown so large that it had to be moved to Highway 90 some years ago," said Garcia.

The parade was rescheduled back in '98, but the Mayor said this was the first time ever for the parade to be postponed on the same day. Canceling was simply out of the question.

Despite being pushed back almost two hours, the mayor said that about half of the crowd stayed through the rain. The weather can be blamed for the attendance being nowhere near last year's 30,000.

"My favorite part is seeing the young children come out and enjoy themselves. I mean, they really get into it, you can see them out here playing around," said Garcia.

Once the parade started, it was as if the falling raindrops were replaced by a downpour of plastic jewelry. With the slimmer crowd, there was plenty to go around. Beads were flying through the air like missiles. You either had to catch or dodge.

The route was a two mile straight shot from Bay Saint Louis to Waveland. It traveled from west to east in the eastbound lane of Highway 90, causing a lot of detours and hours of clean up. But parade-goers would likely tell you, it was all worth it.

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