Deteriorating boat launch in Moss Point set to get facelift

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A once popular boat launch in Moss Point that's now in bad shape will soon get a makeover. The McInnis boat launch is under Jackson County's jurisdiction. One supervisor admits the repair work is long overdue.

This boat launch in Moss Point that once bustled with activity on weekends now sits empty.

"The use of the pier, the boat launch area has greatly decreased because it is not safe. It is not a well used location," said Jackson County Supervisor Melton Harris.

Harris said the McInnis boat launch is more than 40-years-old. He gave us an up close look at the problems.

"We have some problems out there with the bulkhead. That bulkhead is deteriorating. The pier has been damaged. The prier runs along the side of the bulkhead. The boat launch that allows the fishermen to slip their boats in the water; those areas need a lot of work."

Harris said the problems only get worse with age.

"Of course, no doubt it has probably been damaged through the years by Hurricane Katrina, Frederic, Camille, you name it. I would say this about over 40-years-old."

The county was approved for $100,000 in grant funding to give the area a makeover including paving the parking lot. The county will also contribute money to help get the project going.

"We had the engineering complete on it, and we received bids on it last week."

The goal is to award the project to a company next month and begin work no later than April. Harris hopes this is good news to folks who launch their boats here or just come by to relax by the water.

"It is always important to get anything that is missing returned because once a citizen is accustomed to using something their recreation and livelihood depends on it. So, we should get it repaired as soon as possible."

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