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Tickets to performances at Thalia Mara Hall will cost more

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you attend any performance at Thalia Mara hall in Jackson, your ticket is going to cost more? Averyell Kessler, who brings Broadway plays to Jackson, says the city of Jackson is tacking on a $5.00 surcharge fee.

This has some in the performing arts world crying foul. Jackson City Council members voted on the ordinance with little fanfare or opportunity for input.

"We were not given a heads up on the fact that the facility fee is even being considered, said Kessler. "I wish we had had an opportunity for some input before the city council adopted this fee."

W. Kessler brings 5 Broadway theatre shows to Jackson every season. Their Facebook page has issued concerns saying, things are looking grim for Broadway in Jackson. 

Kessler says the $5.00 hike in ticket prices will have a negative effect. And it might just turn away big acts.

"I think many times they will say, 'do I want to go to Jackson and have my ticket people spend $5 more or should I go to another city where we don't have to pay that much,'" said Kessler. "Will it suppress my ticket sales or will it increase my ticket sales? We don't really know how the public in Jackson will react to this high of a fee. It is quite high nationally, higher than most cities in the country."

We found Memphis and Dallas charge a $3.00 surcharge. Boston and San Francisco and Tucson charge $4.00. Tulsa and Dayton only $1.00.

Kessler fears if ticket sales are suppressed, the fee will have a negative impact on downtown businesses; businesses that generate revenue from those attending performances at the hall. All tickets will include the extra charge starting in June. 

We contacted the city of Jackson for a response.  No one returned our calls.

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