Improvements coming to I-110 loop in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Just in time for the building of the new ballpark in Biloxi, some major improvements are coming to the Interstate 110 loop. Those changes include new lighting and signs, along with beautification.

Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman began working on this project more than two years ago. You'll recall some initial work last year included the planting of palm trees and decorative lighting at the loop.

This next phase will bring even more improvements.

It is the front door to downtown Biloxi. That's why Swetman says it's important to make this loop area attractive and inviting.

"I believe that it's our job to create an environment where businesses can thrive, and that's what we're doing down here. We're creating an environment, we're cleaning up the front door and letting them know that we're open for business," said Swetman.

Lighting accents for the I-110 loop are part of the plan, similar to the "necklace" that highlights the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge at night.

The sidewalk linking Howard Avenue with Highway 90 will also get some attention. That pedestrian walkway will be cleaned up, receive new lighting and be decorated with murals from local artists.

"With baseball going next door, we're going to have that lit up. It is going to be beautiful. Those that are walking to and from baseball, which is part of the idea with the parking, they'll be able to walk through that pathway at no additional cost from local tax dollars."

Part of those planned improvements will focus on making that area of downtown more appealing for walkers. For instance, new signage will be added that directs visitors to the nearby Biloxi lighthouse and visitors center.

"Create that atmosphere that it's a pleasant walk as they come through downtown Biloxi."

With new lights, paint, artwork and signage on the way, visitors are more likely to notice and appreciate the downtown loop.

"This is Biloxi's front door and we're going to continue to dress it up."

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