Marathon Man Arrives On The Coast

It's rare to see 63 year old Kenneth Williams stationary.

"33,304. That's the number of miles that I have run in my career," Williams told a crowd of youngsters at Boys and Girls Club at the Gulfport Forrest Heights Unit Monday afternoon.

Stopping to talk to the youth of the states Boys and Girls Clubs is about the only time Williams hasn't been on the move in over a month.

"I've been running 12 miles a day since September the 20th, which was my 63rd birthday. And I have made it to within two miles of the water. I've got a pair of knee pads in case I have to crawl the last two miles, so I think finally I can say I believe I'm gonna do it," says the Corinth native.

You might say Kenneth is doing all the state's leg work as part of a national program called "Step With It."

Along with raising donations for the states 22 Boys and Girls Clubs, "Step With It" also aims to teach youth fun ways to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.

"They can walk and they can get up and, like I say, they can get up and get off their seat and on their feet and move around. Whether it's dance, play kick ball, play basketball, touch football or whatever," says Williams.

The $100,000 raised through Kenneth's run will be distributed equally among the 22 Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Mississippi, which serve more than 60 cities and 100,000 children.

Kenneth says his 400 mile marathon month was well worth it.

"I'm going to throw my dirty smelly shoes as far as I can and hope they'll float to Cuba. No, I'm not going to pollute. I'm gonna dip them in and that certainly will be a pleasure."